Hirams 80th Birthday | Giovanni Ristorante Italiano, Naples, FL

Hiram, a US Navy Veteran, celebrated his 80th birthday at his favorite Naples restaurant. Hiram's wife, Jeannie, gathered all of their family and friends to plan his special day without him knowing.

The day of his birthday, she told him that they were going to eat a quiet dinner just the two of them in a private room at the restaurant. When he stepped into the room, he drew the curtains back, and stood their in absolute shock. All of their guests greeted him with a loud "Happy Birthday!" 

Jeannie had another surprise up her sleeve, when a rodeo clown performer came into the room, and began to construct funky hats out of balloons. Of course Hiram was the first to receive a hat, which he immediately placed on his head for the rest of the evening.

What a delightful surprise party!